Robert J. Lurtsema

Longtime host and executive producer of
Boston WGBH-FM's Morning Pro Musica, 
who was known for his original and relevant programming; his endearing sense of humor;
and his profound knowledge of music,
world events, and the people who
produced them.
Robert J. Lurtsema Scholarship
to the
Music Personnel Conference


        Each year the Association of Music Personnel in Public Radio awards a scholarship to the Music Personnel Conference in memory of Robert J. Lurtsema, long-time AMPPR member, Board of Directors member, and advocate of music on public radio, to an applicant who has never before attended a Conference and whose attendance would benefit the individual, the individual's station, and the individual's community. The AMPPR Board of Directors chooses the successful candidate from applications submitted in the fall preceding the conference. The process is competitive; applicants are carefully screened to determine whether they meet the necessary criteria.